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The Weekend Guest

Hi there! Welcome to a new weekend Guest post. I hope you’ve been enjoying this series so far. Today I have a new talented guest to intorduce to you. I first met Sandra Dietrich online a few years ago, when we were both selected for Scrapperin Magazine’s design team. And I have been admiring her work very often over those past years. So today you can marvel over her breathtaking style yourself. Here she is.

sandra_mojosanti Hello, I’m hoping you’re enjoying summer just as much as I do. I feel really honoured and happy that Els asked me to guest on her blog today! Thanks, Els, you made my day :).

My name is Sandra Dietrich. I’m a scrapbooking girl from Leipzig, a vibrant and diverse city in eastern Germany. My blog is called mojosanti – a kind of portmanteau of lucky charm (mojo) and my nickname santi. I’ve been paper scrapbooking for almost three years now. I don’t have a particular style, often I get inspired by the materials and photos on hand. I like to try out new things and love to re-use material to create new things.

SCRAPBOOKING IN GERMANY | Germany has a constantly growing scrapbooking scene with great designers and quite a few online shops. I met a lot of nice and friendly German scrapbooking girls during events and crops. Some of them have become really good friends of mine over the past years.

WHERE I FIND INSPIRATION | Like many of you, I like pinterest to get inspired. I also browse paper magazines and blogs on the internet. Street advertising, shopping windows and movies are also great sources that help me to activate my creativity. A designer paper or a photo I hold in my hand inspires me alike and often I just start to create without having a real plan.

WHERE I CREATE | I create on our living-room table. I don’t have a fancy studio nor a lot of space. I dream about a scrapbooking room with a large table to invite friends over to share my paper passion in creative sessions.

SCRAPBOOKING ON VACATION | I don’t scrap on vacation. Vacation is p.u.r.e. family time. However, I document our daily activities during vacation in photos, which I then use for layouts or mini books to be created at home.


My project for today is an accordion fold mini album in an upcycled Kiri box (Kiri is a cream cheese). I want to show you how I created the banderole with washi tape and embossing technique.

You will need a Kiri box or any other box that is suitable to hold a mini album, some white cardstock, two roles of washi tape, an embossing pad, embossing powder, scissors, glue and decoration for the front and the inside of the box. Use the cover of the Kiri box as a template and cut out your own cover from designer paper. (I don’t explain this step in detail, because I’m sure you know how to do this :).

And now to the embossing part… (The pink tape shown in the photo below will be used as the base to hold the embossed golden stripe).

Attach two stripes of washi tape to white cardstock. You will be embossing the middle part here.
Stamp the middle part with an embossing pad.
Cover the middle part with golden embossing powder.
Heat emboss the powder.
Remove the washi tape and cut out the golden stripe leaving a white margin on both sides.
Glue the embossed golden stripe to the pink washi tape and wrap this banderole around the box. Glue the ends together at the back.

I folded light blue cardstock to an accordeon and glued it to the inside bottom of the Kiri box. I also added one more embossed stripe on the right side and I also attached some of the pink washi tape to the sides of the box to cover the blue of the original box. Now you can decorate the box and the inside. Et voilà – you now have an upcycled nice little mini to hold your photos :).

I hope you like my inspiration. Thanks, Els, for having me here today. Have a great summer. Warm regards, Sandra

Thank you very much, Sandra, for your very inspiring project and explanation! It’s been such an honor to have you here as a guest on my blog! And thank you, readers, for stopping by again today! I hope we were able to get you inspired. Now go and get creative;)


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  1. Lizzy Hill
    | Beantwoorden

    Totally inspiring!!! LOOOVE the gold embossing idea & the way you’ve made the packet part of the mini:):) THANKYOU for sharing:):)

  2. Moni (Penny Lane)
    | Beantwoorden

    Just wonderful! Love the idea pof upcycling cheese boxes and how it turned out!

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