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First of all, thank you very much for all your enthousiasm on yesterday’s post! I hope you have fun with the set of cards and share what you create. If you didn’t manage to get here on time, don’t worry, the card set will be up in my online shop really soon.The Weekend Guest 2015

I’m so happy we can finally kick this thing off. Welcome to the very first Weekend Guest post of 2015. I’m proud to present Magda Bolinska to you as my very first guest. Magda and I first ‘met’ when we were together on the Scrapperin design team, I think  – correct me if i’m wrong Magda. She has a unique style, which is very different than mine. But I admire it notheless. Here she is – I hope you’ll give her a warm welcome.

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Hello!! My name is Magda Bolinska also known as mumkaa. I`m 29 years old Polish girl, full time mum, scrapbooker, blogger, bookworm, coffee addict and immigrant. For the last  9 years I have lived in the UK – with my [almost] hubby and with my two little daughters – Olivia [8] and Hannah [3]. My world revolves around my children and our home.  And as a mum of 2 I have lots of things to do all day long 🙂 But I love it 🙂 When my girls are asleep I have a few night hours only for myself – then I read or create 🙂

I discovered scrapbooking in  2008 and now it`s very important part of my life.

In my work I like using different kind of mediums – like watercolors, acrylic paints, inks and so on.  My work without paint? Definitely NO ! 😉 I love using scraps of papers and stamps [yes, stamps are my big love !].  How could I describe my works? Freestyle, controlled mess, colors. I hope that people see a good energy in my works.

I am delighted to be guest at Els` blog today!! I am super excited! Thanks Els! <3

You can find me here:

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Where do you find inspiration? | Pinterest – my number one and endless source of inspirations! Music, books, everyday life, blogs, online galleries, Instagram, my kiddos  – life is full of inspirations and sometimes an inspo is closer than we think 😉

Where do you create? | in my room – this is the place where I sleep, read and create [my fave place in the whole house!! ].

Do you scrapbook on vacation? | I have not tried scrapbooking during any of my vacations … maybe I should try some day 😉

Project by Magda Bolinska for Bestamped The Weekend Guest post

For today I prepared a mixed media layout – a messy layout with lots of scraps, recycled items, with a bit of acrylic paints, gesso and stamping.

Project by Magda Bolinska for Bestamped The Weekend Guest post

In my scrap stash I have `a special boxes` [I think that all of us have something similiar right? 😉 ] where I collect and storage different kind of scraps [patterned papers, painted papers, stamped images and so on] and leftover goodies, even items for recycling which I hope to use in my projects some day. I love browsing these boxes and discovering all these things in the new way !

Project by Magda Bolinska for Bestamped The Weekend Guest post

In that way I created today`s project. The misted paper in the black circles I prepared ages ago, to creating my background I used the pieces of tissues paper [oh how I`m glad that I kept them for later! ha!].

Project by Magda Bolinska for Bestamped The Weekend Guest post

I have so much fun worked on my project – hope you will like it too! 🙂

A little tip for this weekend – try use scraps and an old stuff from your stash – I am sure you will be so surprised how cool  [and totally forgotten!!] things you have! Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed today`s inspiration!

Have a lovely day,


Wow! How’s that for your dose of weekend inspiration. Thank you very much, Magda!! It was an honor having you here as my very first Weekend Guest for 2015. Be sure to check out Magda’s spot for even more inspiration! Have a great weekend!!



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    thanks Els for inviting me ! it was a huge pleasure! xoxo

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