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I did it! I decided to jump on board the Project Life train. I went back and forth a couple of times, and then finally determinated on just going for it. I plan on giving this all a try over the summer (which is usually the time of year I get the least scrappy time), and then evaluate how that period went. If I could make it work and like the process, I will continue on doing it. If for some reason this appears not to be working for me, my finished spreads will just go in my regular albums in between the full layouts for this summer, and that’ll be it. Let’s do this!

Project Life Ramblings by Els Brigé

In the meantime I’ve finished up 3 weeks worth of spreads, and I absolutely love how they’ve turned out. I’ll soon be sharing some here on the blog. And I’m even submitting spreads to Papercrafts & Scrapbooking Magazine’s Photo Pocket Scrapbooking call. I’m jumping in good;)

Project Life Ramblings by Els Brigé

My intentions on Project Life 2014. First and most important: don’t stress! Ha! We’ll see how that one will turn out – lol. Either way, it is my intention to keep my Project Life stress-free. I’m hoping to stay as current as possible, and since most of my DT assignments allow me to work on my spreads, I’m thinking this might be working out eventually. If I’m not succeeding on staying current, I’ll have a notebook, my pictures, and a folder for collected items to make it easier to catch up when I do find the time.

Keeping it simple, might be my most helpful trick to have the process as little time-consuming as possible. I’m printing the pictures myself, and will stick to a few basic sizes (mostly full pocket size) at this stage. I decided on handwritten journaling (I’m hoping I can get used to the sight eventually), because messing about with either printing or typing on those tiny journaling cards is a recipe for disappointment and losing a lot of time in my book. And embellishing and final touches can take up as much or as little time as I want. All in all, the time I have to spare on that certain day is going to outline the time I’ll carve out for making a spread, and so will determine the simplicity of my design.

At this point I’m not planning on doing weekly spreads, I’ll let the frequency of my spreads depend on the amount of stories I have to tell that week. If there’s a week with lots to tell, I’ll make a weekly spread or even more. But just as good, there will be weeks that life is just going about. In that case I’ll save up two or even more weeks, until I can fill a double spread of events.

Project Life Ramblings by Els Brigé

And here’s my modest (not to say poor) stash of Project life cards;) I ordered Studio Calico’s Project Life kit last month and so I did this month, plus one of the add-ons (still waiting on those last ones). No need to pity me however. I’m pretty sure this will grow into a larger pile in the near future (I know myself), but in the meantime, I don’t feel like I’m short of anything. I have embellishments, patterned papers, and matching stamps a plenty, and the journaling cards in these type of kits all coordinate very well with each other. So I’m good.

Project Life Ramblings by Els Brigé

Just in case you were concerned about his in any way, me starting Project Life doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing any regular scrapbooking anymore. I’m continuing my regular albums as they are, taking advantage of every decent picture I have to make a stunning page and document our lives. Project Life will hopefully be an addition to that and help me give a new interest to my Photo-A-Day project. And I’m hoping it will also mean a new design challenge to me.

Project Life Ramblings by Els Brigé

To conclude: I’m excited to have finally made the decision to just go for it. It gives me a new sense of energy. I hope you will be equally excited to see my spreads here on my blog on a regular basis. I’m dying to share!


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  1. Irene Talaasen
    | Beantwoorden

    Hi Els,
    You are amazing and this will be fun as you print your own pictures and journal your fun weeks!! Cute picture of Nora and Tuur and YUM!!
    Have a blessed day there!

  2. Miriam Prantner
    | Beantwoorden

    A great beginning! This is something I have contemplated for a while, I know you will do well!

  3. Lizzy Hill
    | Beantwoorden

    Good on you!!! No looking back now….& those things BREED far faster than scrappy pp….sp before long you’ll be wondering where to stash all those pretty PL cards!!! Your sneaks look fab:):)

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