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Week 3 was freezing cold!! We had extremely cold temperatures, a good amount of snow, and so also a lot of cozy indoor time. As much as I love snow, this was all a bit too much for my taste. Going up and down to school … Lees Meer

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If you’re here for the Scrapperin Blog Hop, please check here. I hope you all had a great week 2, unbelieveble that it has come and gone already. This year will be gone in no time, I tell ya. It’s been a busy one in our … Lees Meer

Photo-A-Day | Week 1

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I’m proud to say that I made it through my first year of Photo-A-day. 366 days of at least one picture each. And as difficult as it has been at times, I really started to love this project throughout all those months. So I decided to … Lees Meer

December Daily 2012 | Part 1

Welcome to week 1 of my December Daily! Happy to finally have started and to be able to show you today. It was quite a struggle to get this album going, I couldn’t make up my mind on a lot of elements. And the dark short … Lees Meer

Photo-A-Day | Week 47

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Week 47: 1. Painted face. For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, might know that’s a big deal for Nora. 2. My Cameo is finally here. Didn’t have time to play yet unfortunately. 3. Writing her letter to Sinterklaas. 4. … Lees Meer

Photo-A-Day | Week 46

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Week 46: 1. Grandparents were invited in Nora’s classroom. Three days this week, it was a busy one. 2. Shooting a video with a lot of glitter. 3. Nora took a trip to the children’s farm with her class. She had a blast. 4. Snuggles. 5. … Lees Meer

Photo-A-Day | Week 45

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What a week! Week 45: 1. Love it that my babies start to come back. These layouts were out for publication and made it back home. 2. Strep infection. I never had such a sore throat in my entire life. 3. Chicken legs. Must be my … Lees Meer

Photo-A-Day | Week 44

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This week there was no school due to fall break, but hubby still had to work. We didn’t have the best weather, but had a great week either way. * Deze week was er geen school door de herfstvakantie, hoewel hubby wel moest werken. We hadden … Lees Meer

Photo-A-Day | Week 43

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Week 43: 1. Setting up an online shop and putting together a small Holiday Card Kit. 2. My shopping haul. Making a start on an Advent Calendar. 3. Enjoying the Indian Summer with a forest walk/bike ride for the kids. Feels like summer today. 4. Loving … Lees Meer

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