Scrap365 Magazine DT Sneak | Project Life Week 23

I know today is Wednesday, and once again my workspace has stayed empty today, so I don’t have a Workspace Wednesday post ready for you. Wednesday is my day off from work, and the kids are still on their holiday. And since today the weather was actually a bit decent (you would have thought we’re half way through October judging from the weather we’ve had the past few weeks) we just took advantage of it and have been out all day. To make up for another missed Workspace Wednesday post – if you miss them too much, you can always take a trip down memory lane­čśë┬á– I have this sneak to share.

Scrap365 Magazine DT sneak by Els Brig├ę

I’m up on the Scrap365 Magazine blog today, with my very first Project Life spread I’ve ever made. And this one still happens to be my most favorite spread so far. The colors, designs, pictures, stories, etc, they just make me happy. So go and check it out over on the Scrap365 blog if I made you curious enough.

This happens to be the reason why I missed posting here in the blog yesterday evening. There was a sudden opportunity of posting a Project Life spread over on Scrap365, and I ran out of time for what I had scheduled here. Be sure to come back tomorrow then;)


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