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Due to lack of space my collection of myStamp BOX stamps are looking for a new loving home. Almost all sets have been used – some more than others. But all of the sets are in perfect condition. Please contact me if you’re interested in one or more sets, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  * Door plaatsgebrek is mijn collectie myStamp BOX stempels op zoek naar een nieuwe liefdevolle thuis. Bijna alle sets zijn gebruikt – de ene al meer dan de andere. Alle sets zijn echter in perfecte staat. Contacteer me als je interesse hebt in één of meerdere sets, en ik neem zo snel mogelijk contact op. 

Here’s a list of the sets: * Hier is een lijst van de sets:


All Year Round

Merry Mr. Snowman

Holiday Monkey

Seal it!

Funky Flowers

Pixel Perfect

Uitnodiging Word Jumble

Merry Word Jumble

Royal Flush


Wishing you Sunshine


Friday Night Stencil

Road Trip


Repeat After Me

Abundant Blossoms

Deck The Halls

Programmed Robots

Flower Ornaments

Cherry Blossoms

Small Greetings

Have a great Sunday! * Fijne zondag!


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  1. blueyedscrapper
    | Beantwoorden

    Hi–How much are the sets each? And what is the shipping cost to Canada? Thanks…

    • bestamped
      | Beantwoorden

      Hi! Thanks for your interest!
      I was thinking about 2.50$ (2euro) a set, with a discount going up from 3 sets 😉
      Shipping would depend on the amount of sets, with 1 or 2 still fitting in a patted envelope.
      Please contact me at els.brige at belgacom.net

    • bestamped
      | Beantwoorden

      Hi again,
      I’ve been measuring and weighing in the meantime 😉
      I can fit up to 6 or 7 sets in a large envelope. Up to 5 sets I can ship them for 10USD. 6 or 7 sets will be 25$. More would be in a box and come for 27$.
      Hope this helps 🙂
      Have a great day!

  2. Kjjc
    | Beantwoorden

    i was wondering about the same about postage to uk please.

    • bestamped
      | Beantwoorden

      Hi there!
      I’ve been measuring and weighing 😉
      1 set I can ship for 3.50euro, 2 to 5 sets for 7euro, 6 or 7 sets for 11,7.euro, and more for 19.50euro.
      Thanks for you interest!!
      You can contact me at els.brige at belgacom.net
      Have a great evening!

  3. scrapbookdoll
    | Beantwoorden

    Hallo Els ik wil misschien wel wat sets overnemen van jouw.

    • bestamped
      | Beantwoorden

      Da’s fijn, Marie-Anne 🙂
      Laat maar weten in welke je geïnteresseerd bent.

      Fijne avond!

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