December Daily

So I was going to take a plunge into this December Daily adventure. Day 3 is over and done here in Belgium, but my album is not even started yet. Welcome to another day of my 25 Days of Christmas.

25days_300Last year I have been toying with the idea to do a December Daily album, but back then I didn’t have my own camera, and I wasn’t so adventurous in printing my own pictures. And then I regretted my decision not to make an album afterwards. But this year, I thought, since I’m doing my Photo-A-Day project anyways, I might as well try to make something more of my December month this year.


I would like to make a light version of the December Daily. I will continue my Photo-a-Day, but my pictures will get printed and added to an album. Each day will probably have a double page, for my picture and some journaling. If I would like to do more than just that one picture or make more room for journaling, that’s possible. If not, I don’t have to stress about making a full album with lots of pictures and insert. So I’m taking it pretty easy and hope to have fun.


When it comes to supplies, I have not ordered anything new for this particular project. I’ve kind of set myself on a budget for crafting – lol. And I feel like I have plenty of stuff in my stash that’ll take me through the month. I would love to work with a white and aqua/grey color scheme, and will use quite some elements from BasicGrey’s Aspen Frost collection.  I have quite some stamps, amongst some my Kelly Purkey stamps. I have numbers and letters, journaling cards, festive and general, etc. And of course I have this new toy, my Silhouette, to cut elements and words.


I’ll be working on an A5 size, which is half of an A4 or 8.5″x11″ sheet of cardstock. Some days will have patterned paper pages, some will have white cardstock pages. I’ll use binder rings to keep it all together.

Listing this all for you, has gotten me all excited to get to work on my album again. The last few days have really been lacking in time. So I’m hoping to be able to make a bit of time the next couple of days and really bring you something to look at the next time.


  1. Irene Talaasen
    | Beantwoorden

    Hi Els,
    So looking forward to all your December posts!!! I really am working on Christmas cards but seems I make more of a mess than get work done:)
    Thanks for all your inspiration and what a darling picture of Nora!
    Blessings, Irene

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