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Week 3 was freezing cold!! We had extremely cold temperatures, a good amount of snow, and so also a lot of cozy indoor time. As much as I love snow, this was all a bit too much for my taste. Going up and down to school 4 times a day, dressing up and down 2 not always cooperating children and myself (because we’re usually on foot or by bike) was about enough. And the upcoming week promises to be pretty much the same. But then again, we have to embrace it while we have it.


Diving into that big box of BasicGrey goodness that arrived last week. I love these True Love chipboard letters.



We woke up to a big pile of snow this morning (well, big for us). It’s a really good amount and it’ll stay around for a while. The kids loved it, but the roads were a mess.



A fun afternoon playing. He’s definitely got his groove back, after a few grumpy weeks from not feeling very well.



Things were exceptionally pretty outside this morning. A thick heavy mist left a beautiful frosty layer, like on this spider web here. The trees were also absolutely stunning.



A good read for the upcoming weekend. And I have a layout in it again.



Crazy fun on the couch.



Some snow fun this morning. For Tuur these were his first sleigh rides. And he loved them, didn’t want to step down anymore.


It has been snowing non-stop all day long today. We have a thick layer again and temps aren’t supposed to go up in the next few days. Stay safe and have a great week 4!


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  1. Dana F.
    | Beantwoorden

    Your way to take photos has changed so much over the course of the past year. Love them, especially the cute Wednesday photo of Tuur! ­čÖé

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